Industrial Process and Plant Automation

Our proven expertise and multi dimensional talent pool makes sure we always deliver the best. We have core experience in major brand of PLCs, HMIs, Controllers and SCADA.  Our trusted supply chain is a major factor why we stand firm with our commitments when it comes to instrumentation hardware, sensors, transducers or any other industrial control products.


Special Purpose and Embedded Application

MDEC has it's own embedded design team that caters special projects where heavily customised and special application profile is demanded.

We have developed special embedded hardware and software for industries and a wide variety of applications.



Industry 4.0 & Internet of Things

The future is here. The next revolution, Industry 4.0, has already entered in to the application circle. We, at MDEC always believed the rise of intelligence in machines could enhance the capabilities of human to see and visualise useful information.

From simple remote machine monitoring to mega scaled data analytics and predictive maintenance forecasting, MDEC is your trusted partner and consultant in realising your remote and cloud automation needs.


Turnkey Offering

Field Level

Control Level



Project Management

As your trusted partner, MDEC keeps it's clients and stakeholders informed and involved in all the project management activities and milestones. Our agile approch ensures we are always there to answer all your concerns and questions.